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My husband and I went this morning to hopefully find out the gender of our baby…I am 16 weeks pregnant so I knew there was a chance it would be too early to see. The experience couldn’t have been better! Sandra was so sweet and amazing at what she did, and the office was comfortable and relaxing! Within 10 minutes of looking at the ultrasound, she told us our little babe is a BOY! We are over the moon excited and I would highly recommend Clearview Ultrasound to all expecting mamas! I’ll be back!

Mollie W. April 2016 on Facebook



We just loved Sandra at Clearview!!! You can tell she just has an incredible passion for her work and she treats you like you’re the only patient who matters! We went to see her for our gender scan and we had such a blast! Her equipment is amazing, her office is nice and cozy, and she’s just the sweetest. We can’t wait to go back later for another 4d scan!

Ester G. January 2016 on Yelp!



I absolutely love it here. I was 15 weeks and super anxious to determine gender. I did the gender reveal package and was told it was A GIRL!!!! The stuffed animal with the baby’s heartbeat recorded was just the icing on the cake. Went to dr. Again today and still 100% girl confirmed. I will be going back in a few weeks for a 3D session !

Jaztiney N. July 2016 on Facebook



We love Clearview Ultrasound!! Such a comfortable environment with friendly & extremely knowledgeable staff – she sure knows her way around her top-of-the-line ultrasound equipment. We are 40 wks 5 days along & decided to utilize the complimentary position check that came with the package we purchased earlier in the pregnancy. They were able to fit us in easily & same as last time, we made another fun family memory at Clearview Ultrasound! Thank you!!

Jessica R. February 2016 on Facebook



The atmosphere was really calming and comfortable, and the technician performing the ultrasound was amazing! Our baby had her hands in front of her face, and the ultrasound technician was able to coax her to move them out of the way by speaking to her and very gently touching me. We were very pleased with the service, and walked away with some adorable photographs.



I would recommend this place to anyone. Even my husband (who was skeptical) felt that is was an amazing experience. Worth every penny.

Kara G. February 2016 on Yelp!



Loved this place I was 34 weeks and the pictures came out amazing! The lady was so nice she gave us two extra pictures and a cd! We got to see our baby boy smile! Would definitely go back here!!!

Samantha S. May 2016 on Facebook



We had the most wonderful experience today at Clearview. I’m on my second child, and I have visited all the different 3d ultrasound places around town. This by far, is the best service, pictures, and experience we have had. I went to others b/c they were closer to my home, but wish I had done all my 3d pics here. Best quality for such special moments!

Robin L. March 2014 via Facebook



Thank you you from the bottom of our hearts here from the McDonald Family for last nights wonderful experience! Sandra is the sweetest and makes it so enjoyable every time!! Love her to death. Can’t wait to come back at 32 weeks!

Leanne M. October 2014 via Yelp!



Muchas gracias clearview ultrasound x estas 2 seciones fue una experencia bonita y mirar a mi bby desaroyando mucho y mirar lo pronto k acredido muchas gracias clearview ultrasound y pronto tendre a mi bby con migo.

Aracely M. October 2014 via Facebook



This was a great experience for us. Nice big screen to watch our baby and the sonostream option allowed both pairs of grandparents to watch remotely. The quality of the 3D images here are amazing. We got a DVD and a so that we can always remember this experience. I highly recommend Sandi and Clearview U/S.

Amy S. February 2013 via Yelp!



I HIGHLY recommend Clearview to any parents-to-be who wish to see their little miracles in utero!! My husband and I have gone to Clearview twice in the last month to be able to see our twins on an ultrasound. Sandy, the owner of Clearview has been SO sweet and kind to us both times. She is caring, friendly, professional and just a lovely person. She seems almost as excited to see our babies as we are to see them!! Both experiences that we’ve had at Clearview have been wonderful and we’ve been able to see our tiny twins in 3D and 4D! We purchased a 3 visit package which includes recordings of our babies heartbeats in keepsake stuffed animals of our choosing. We wanted pandas and giraffes for our stuffed animals and Sandy didn’t have any pandas so she special ordered one just for us which we received at our visit today. We also received photo CD’s, DVD’s and printed pictures of each visit. We love being able to see our babies moving and playing in the womb without it being a rushed ultrasound in a doctors office.

Angele D. January 2014 via Yelp!



My wife and I had our first 3D ultrasound yesterday with Clearview Ultrasound on North Lamar and we were extremely happy that we chose this establishment. There were multiple viewing options for the ultrasound with the best being a nice LCD big screen in the middle of the room. The multiple viewing options were nice since we had family in the room with us. The table was over sized with a nice plush cushioning for my wife and had a step which made it easy to get on to the table. The woman who performed our sonogram was professional, polite and went above and beyond to make sure that our experience was something that was truly a special experience for my wife and I. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to have a meaningful experience, in a warm and intimate setting.

Brad G. July 2013 via Yelp!



Clearview es un lugar k realmente se los recomiendo a todas futura mamas la senora es muy linda gente y hace su mejor para agarar lindas fotos del bb tiene muy buenos precios a mi me encanto.

Yuri A. December 2013 via Facebook



My husband and I were too impatient to wait until our 18 week anatomy u/s to find out if we were having a little boy or a little girl. We scheduled a 2D ultrasound for gender reveal at Clearview at 15 weeks and were thrilled with what we experienced. Our family is in Chicago and Minnesota, so they watched live via the Sonostream service offered by Clearview. They were able to experience the entire scan live with us and even hear our reaction to finding out that our baby is a BOY! The staff were very professional and the tech who did my scan was incredibly kind and reassuring. Overall, I left impatient to come back at 32ish weeks for a detailed 3D/4D scan. I was super happy with our experience and would recommend Clearview to anybody considering an elective u/s.

Kelsey B. May 2013 via Yelp!



We had a GREAT experience at Clearview. This is my first child and I wasn’t sure what to do or expect but it was awesome. They made it a great experience and went above and beyond to get me a face shot of my baby when all he wanted to do was hide.

Katie M. December 2012 via Yelp!



All I can say is WOW. I came to determine the gender of my baby and first thing that catches your attention is the warm amazing welcome you get the moment you walk through the door. I chose the basic package for now, with 3D images of my baby and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. My husband and uncle came along and the environment was welcoming and comfortable for everyone. They were able to sit on a comfy couch and look on the big screen TV mounted on the wall. Everyone is able to get a perfect view. The ultrasound technician was beautiful, enjoying every movement of my baby with us. It was so exciting, the baby was so active and moving everywhere. She was never in a rush to end the session and enjoyed the experience as much as we did. The staff makes the difference as does the environment. There is plenty of space for family to come and enjoy in the experience. It’s such a precious time in someone’s life and the staff ensures that you get nothing less than extraordinary! I will be returning for my 3D/4D Package with DVD and pictures again when I’m around 28-30 weeks. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else and since this is my first child, they made an everlasting beautiful impression that I will always cherish! I highly recommend Clearview Ultrasound. I hope your experience is as good as mine was. 🙂

Juliana L. September 2012 via Yelp!



Clearview ultrasound was amazing. It cost less than 10 percent of what are medical ultrasound cost and we got so much more. We went at 18 weeks and at the time my wife was still having doubts we were pregnant. This allowed us to bond with our baby in a way we did not think was possible. I recommend a multi visit package because you will want to go back!! We went a month ago and I am so ready for our second visit!

Blake G. July 2014 via Google



This place in amazing! You feel very comfortable, very relaxed, and very at home. The experience is like no other. I highly recommend this place to anyone! It is not like a clinic in any way. The staff are amazing, from setting up the appointment to the actual ultrasound. Its like talking to someone you have known your whole life. I even hugged the lady as we were leaving. Definitely one of the best parts of this pregnancy so far. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this place or this experience.

Whitney W. 2013 via Google



This place is absolutely fantastic!!! It’s been so amazing to see how my little boy has grown in the womb! The staff is amazing and so patient! I would recommend Clearview to anyone looking to get an ultrasound done:)

Bailey C. Ft. Hood, Texas June 2014 via Facebook



I would forever be grateful for the patience they had with my baby girl Jessie so we could have our beautiful photos. Thank you from the Lucero’s – we are enjoying the DVD and photos. Recommending Clearview to all expecting mothers. The best place for friendly comfortable family setting and very caring service.

Annette L March 2014 via Facebook



We have been to Clearview 2 separate times the first being at about 16 weeks to find out the gender of our quickly growing baby. We were very excited to be going back at 35 weeks to get the 3D experience of our baby girl. She is beautiful, and Sandra had so much patients with our baby. Baby Ember likes to smell her feet and was being so stubborn! Regardless we got some amazing photos we will cherish for a lifetime. We are now 2 weeks away from our due date and I love that I have these to help me get through labor! Thanks again Clearview, you have given us so much to look forward to!

Colbie Y. September 2014 via Facebook



We came today to hopefully meet our son in a more in depth look that our clinic could not give us and we found him with so many good news and great pictures. Im glad we chose to come the staff was absolutely amazing, once we walked in the door we felt like we were home. Thank you.

Crystal H. March 2014 via Facebook



I just had my 3D Ultrasound today & loved the experience even if my appointment was cut short due to my Baby Girl being in the worst position possible. Fortunately, they are allowing me a redo in a couple of weeks! I would highly recommend ClearviewUltrasound to anyone!

Erin W. January 2014 via Facebook



Very very kind and accommodating!! I felt like I was having the ultrasound done by a family member! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Ladies, THIS is where you need to go for your ultrasounds!!

Victoria M. January 2014 via Facebook



Had a great experience yesterday! Even with my husband, parents, mother-in-law, 2 friends and their 3 kids, we were all comfortable and very pleased. My dad commented how knowledgeable and informative Sandra was. My mom said how pleased she was that she was able to hear Sandra as she explained things to us. We are thrilled with the pictures and video. Amazing experience! Thank you, Sandra!

Sarah B. May 2014 via Facebook



My husband and I had our second ultrasound yesterday at 33 weeks and it was absolutely wonderful, I love how involved they are. The experience was amazing both times and we love how excited they get right along with us. We went in at 16 weeks for a gender conformation and the difference from now and then is remarkable – it was definitely worth it!

Ty A. February 2014 via Facebook



Amazing experience! From start to finish it was so comfortable and pleasant! We got amazing pictures of our precious boy :). Thank you Clearview for this surreal experience, we will be back for our next little one.

Christian L. April 2014 via Facebook



We had our first visit (gender determination) with Sandy at Clearview Ultrasound this weekend and I can’t say enough nice things about it. Sandy and the gentleman at the front desk were both very friendly and professional. Our group of 5 adults fit comfortably in the spacious room they used. The big screen meant that no one was crowding anyone out to see. And, we got to find out we’re having a boy! Excited to come back for 3D ultrasounds closer to 30 weeks.

Dionne S. April 2014 via Facebook

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